GUEST POST: Monday Notes: Navigating the Change — K E Garland

I spoke to every woman I was close to about this issue. I was raised in a family of older women, so I silently harbored anger for not one soul mentioning these bodily changes to me. In between, I read and researched all types of things to understand what was happening and how I could learn to function.

It was a lot.

K E Garland

The commonness of women who were forced to undergo the guaranteed, life-altering (and often long-lasting) process of menopause, with little to no anticipatory education, is bewildering.

And with many women beginning to feel changes while reproductive health is still focused on, well, reproducing, it is no wonder that the process is often well underway before research even begins.

I am thrilled to share today’s guest post. A favorite writer of mine, K E Garland, has started a new site called Navigating the Change – A Guide for the Menopausal Journey.

If you are a woman (or care about a woman) who is currently, or anticipating, the process of menopause, I encourage you to read today’s post and consider subscribing for K E Garland’s publication updates. In one way or another, menopause effects us all. (And can happen much sooner than you might expect!)

Hey good people! I took a thirty-day break from this site because I’ve been working on a new one. And, regardless of what people think of my abilities, I can only do one thing at a time 😉 The new site is called Navigating the Change, and just like it sounds, it’s about all things […]

Monday Notes: Navigating the Change — K E Garland

GUEST POST: Parental Motivation: You’re not alone while running your own race! — Blk Cat Zon3

In honor of Mother’s Day, I am excited to share a post by Ahnhared Horne, creator of Her writing is humorous, honest, and thoroughly entertaining. She writes about personal growth and perseverance while parenting. And as a mother of four young children, she knows all about the struggle to find time and the personal space to get it done. If you are looking for relatable parenting content, or just an entertaining real-life article, be sure to check out her work!

I cannot stand my toddlers drawing all on the doors and walls. Don’t get me wrong, I am down for creative inspiration, but could they try to stick to their pieces of paper, or draw on each other? Hello, if you discovered this post by mistake, welcome. If you’re a desperate parent in need of […]

Parental Motivation: You’re not alone while running your own race! — Blk Cat Zon3