If you asked the younger me what my interests were, you would get a different answer depending on who you were. Sort of typical, right? I mean, as teenagers, we certainly wouldn’t tell our grandma how much we love making out in cars.

The problem is, when we constantly adapt to the interests of the people surrounding us, we stop wondering what makes us happy.

For example:

  • Response when wholesome classmate asks teenage me: Watching Nickelodeon, taking care of my little sister, going to school
  • Response when cool classmate asks teenage me: I dunno, smoking weed, listening to The Doors, skipping school
  • Response when hipster guy asks twenty-something me: Reading, checking out local bands, yoga
  • Response when preppy college guy asks twenty-something me: Spring break, drinking beer at the bar, football

You get the picture, and I wasn’t lying. I genuinely thought that I liked whatever I thought you were into.

If you grew up in a controlling, suppressive household, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Sure, our humanness allowed us to pick up some genuine interests along the way. But when personal development is suppressed, individuality is also suppressed .

Well, time to make up for lost time. No more taking on interests to appease the cool kids, parents, or anyone else for that matter. Now is the time to discover what hobbies we truly find pleasure in. And, just maybe, we’ll discover some God given talents that were just waiting to come to the surface.


Disclaimer: I wrote the below as a feature for a local organization called Women’s Work in Progress. Before getting into it, I would just like to say a heartfelt *thank you* for reading and supporting my blog. I am overjoyed by the amount of feedback I have received from people sharing similar experiences. And I…


I have been gifted a journal three times in my life. Once as a girl, once as a wife, and once as a mother. As a girl, it was a pale pink Precious Moments diary (complete with lock!) and it was from my mom. I was still a lonely only child when I got it.…

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