Disclaimer: I wrote the below as a feature for a local organization called Women’s Work in Progress. Before getting into it, I would just like to say a heartfelt *thank you* for reading and supporting my blog. I am overjoyed by the amount of feedback I have received from people sharing similar experiences. And I am humbled by the writers, far more experienced than I, who have commented, followed, and encouraged along the way. You keep this tired mom going!🌺

In 2019 I moved to the suburbs with my husband, infant son, and two dogs. I had a successful yet uninspiring career in accounting, and thought this was what my life would be until I retired. Then 2020 happened.

Betweeen meeting work deadlines during toddler naps, and struggling to gain the trust of a manager who reluctantly approved remote work, I was burning the candle, not just at both ends, but in the middle and all around.

Overanxious and underslept, writing was my salvation. Through writing, I was able to cope with an unrelenting year, and eventually, reconnect with a community similarly in need of healing.

With empathy-promotion in mind, I created A blog where I write to encourage women (and myself) to discover their rightful identity by confronting and sharing difficult truths. Over several weeks and sleepness nights, the support of readers energized my passion project and I became hooked.

My creative outlet brought inspiration back into my life, and there was no going back. Deciding to commit more of my life to writing, I made the leap, shelved my “successful” day job, and took an evening position as a restaurant server. In short, I am a post-pandemic work in progress, and proud.


  1. You are an unbelievable and beautiful work in progress and all moms are divine.

    Am so glad you had the courage and wisdom to leave accounting and starting to live!!

    Love and blessings 💖🤗

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  2. Fabulous story! As I used to tell my students, “One of the keys to life is finding something that makes you happy. Life is too short to go to an unfulfilling job continually.

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  3. congratulations and best of luck in pursuing your passion! Even though I teach accounting, I love hearing stories of people who realize accounting is not for them and start doing something they love…

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  4. I am a fluffy mess all around, especially when I eat! However, I did the same when I cut iWriter loose and started writing for myself more. I saw some changes, but it’s only the beginning before I officially reach the finish line. Thank you for your writing, and lovely grammar. Meow meow!


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